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Agneepath in 4 mins

Quick rendered Agneepath poster in 4 minutes. 3 mins on sketch + 1 min Picasa tuning :)

The Golden Voice

Once upon a time there was a small town in the  kingdom of Vijaynagar.There lived a boy named Hiranya,who had a very melodious voice.His ...

Why So Serious?

  Dedicated to Sir Heath Ledger

One Life is enough for me

Life seems so complicated sometimes. There are numerous roles to play , with each bearing some expectations in turn .There are many hop...

Self Analysis

I am a very ordinary person ....not sure whether i fall in that category even...because i have heard that even ordinary people do have ...

Give Me Some Sunshine v2.0

.............. Give me some Sunshine v2.0 ............ After reading this, either you are gonna love it or you are gonna beat me up when we...

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