The Golden Voice

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Once upon a time there was a small town in the  kingdom of Vijaynagar.There lived a boy named Hiranya,who had a very melodious voice.His friend ,Arhant, always  admired him.Arhant used to wonder why some people were born with talents while others were  just ordinary like him.

As Hiranya grew older his popularity started to spread across the kingdom.People from different towns came to know about Hiranya and his mellifluous voice.One day the news reached the king. The king decided to call the boy with the golden voice and reward him.

A carnival was organised and all the ministers and big merchants of Vijaynagar were invited. Everyone's eyes were on the boy.Hiranya began to  sing .Everyone was captivated and mesmerized by his voice.The King rewarded him heavily and also asked him if could assist his daughter. The boy accepted the offer. Arhant felt good for his friend.

The boy then started residing in the palace .He sang for the King and also guided the princess.Time elapsed and he fell in love with the princess. The princess too loved him very much.One day the King came to know about this . He ordered the boy to leave the kingdom and also married the princess to a prince.

The boy was very heart broken .He left the kingdom and also lost contact with his friend.Several years passed by .Meanwhile Arhant got busy with his life.

One day he came to know that his friend would be coming to the neighbouring kingdom.He went to meet him .Both were very happy to meet each other . Arhant told him that he had a small beautiful family and was  satisfied his life .He asked Hiranya what he had been doing all these years.Hiranya told that after he was
asked to leave Vijaynagar he was very heart broken. He could not come out of pain of losing the princess and had started living a nomadic life moving from one kingdom to another since then.He expressed his  grief and sorrow through his songs and people sympathized and praised him .

Arhant then realized why his friend was gifted with the golden voice.The reason was not what he had always thought.
The golden voice was gifted so that his friend could express his miseries more effectively to people.

"The most admired ones are not the happiest ones.Rejoice the joy of being ordinary."


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