One Life is enough for me

Saturday, December 3, 2011 0 comments

Life seems so complicated sometimes. There are numerous roles to play , with each bearing some expectations in turn .There are many hopes and aspirations with every individual, the most promising being the one which he has with himself . These may change from time to time depending upon the surroundings, the manner in which one has been brought up and the series of events that have occurred in one's life.

The number of things which we want to do in our life keep on increasing as we explore different expects. For a more secure and bright future, we some times neglect the things that may not be essential but give us immense satisfaction and happiness. However, life gives us enough opportunities to pursue those things. A firm stand at any point has to be taken.

The very essence of life is different for different people. For example it was to lay foundation of mechanics  for Newton, to fight for the freedom for Mahatma Gandhi and to revolutionize the personal computing for Steve Jobs. They all have one thing in common. They knew that they have only one life and whatever they want to do can only be done in this life.

Therefore it can be rightly said -

“Countless challenges and  however tough they be
I have got one life, that's enough for me”.


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